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Choose your artist wisely - go through our portfolio and decide weather we are or aren't able to bring your vision to life :)




I do recomend to choose an oil painting at all times! However, you need to provide us with a great picture - it's a must!

pros: detail-oriented and super realistic painting, great color durability 

cons: drying time of every layer of paint (7-20 days depending on the thickness)






ACRYLIC PAINTING: anything from a portrait, through a landscape to an abstract painting :)

Painterly style with visible brush strokes! :)

pros: extremely fast drying time, great range of colors 

cons: sometimes you got to put a million layers of paint to create a decent coverage, you can't really get the super realistic effect either  






RELIGIOUS PAINTING/ICON: It's a very greatful painting style, you don't really have a room to make mistakes. You just follow the lines. 

The best part of painting an icon is a step when you add gold (gold paste, gold flakes or gold powder), it creates a rustic/old-school look on a surface. 





MODERN ART: mix-up of all the techniques! 





WATERCOLOR: it gives the effect of spilled paint. This may be achieved both on paper and canvas. It's a great way of creating super cute illustrations for kids :)





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