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 Most common techniques:






What do we paint on?



We do mostly paint on canvas. Starting from size 30x40cm up to 2m giants!

We order our supplies in a small, family-ran manufacture - that's why there is no chance for your painting to be uneven in any way due to a weak quality wood under the actual canvas. 

The sides of a canvas have their thickness - we paint them so there is no need to additionally frame it! 


Most common sizes for portraits are 40x60cm, 50x70cm i 60x80cm :)






It's exactly inbetween the canvas and paper. Basically it is a canvas stretched on the 3mm MDF board.

You may choose from a variety of sizes, but I don't recommend painting on sizes bigger than 60x80cm - they may bend otherwise. 

Painting boards may be framed :)






It's as popular as canvas. The best sizes for paper are A4 i A3 (in some cases we may bigger the size up to 40x60cm i 50x70cm).

We don't use typical sheets of paper that you would use at home! We do use a great quality paper which has thickness of 240g and 300g!

Why is it important?

It's crucial especially when we use watercolors - our paper doesn't tear when it's wet, it doesn't even wave that much!



You definitely need to frame such an art piece! You can find some basic frames in "SHOP" section :)

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